Quality Policy

Our services are focused on the total satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our clients.

Therefore we will take care of your needs and legal requirements.  Our entire organisation continually strives to improve our customer service. .   

In order to fulfil this declaration:

We commit to the principles of corporative government, according to today’s most progressive worldwide business demands . 

We take on board the opinion and concerns of our clients . Consequently, we constantly evaluate your degree of satisfaction and take all the necessary actions for improvement.

We maintain a frank and open communication with our suppliers and contractors.

We utilise the adapted tools provided by the system of Management of Quality in the continuous improvement of our services and products.

We monitor the results of our quality objectives and we update them when it is necessary and/or advisable The fulfilment of our Quality Policy allows us to be in the sector of leading companies in Jumilla by quality of product, commercial attention, legal rigor and general confidence in the benefit of our services



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Guide to buying a HOUSE
The Arsenal has prepared this guide targeted at informing consumers who are interested in real estate purchases about their rights an obligations.


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