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Our company is directly related to the development of the Partial Urban Planning of the Sector IX-A2 “El Arsenal” sanctioned by the Town Council in Jumilla.

In the plan, you can locate, besides the residential areas, the different spaces to be used according to the Planning Regulations of the Land Law: gardens and playgrounds for children, a sport park, places for schools and preschools and areas for other public and social uses. The commercial area is inside the residential zone and represents the minimum area, compatible with other possible commercial areas.

The public urban space is still the privileged place to execute the citizenship and to express the civil rights. The social success of the planning is offering the necessary conditions to have an important public space, that is, with the formal and functional qualities to guarantee high-enough frequency levels. It is generally agreed by the experts that the functional complexity, the mix of uses and activities, is the basic condition for this to happen. The superimposition of houses, shops, personal services, small and medium public or private facilities, small urban workshops, etc. creates the perfect conditions, the same conditions that have been looked for when planning El Arsenal. The presence of shops is especially important, that is why some places have been planned to build a small supermarket and some medium specialized or franchisee shops, which can offer prices as competitive as those of the big supermarkets, without the inconveniences of these.  

Achieving an adequate number of residents is also a key factor to build an important public space. In this way, both the forecasts of the General Urban Planning in Jumilla, which qualifies El Arsenal sector as an area of medium density, and the construction rules of the Partial Planning, make the ground floor and two-floors-high construction easier, which create favourable conditions to build, above all, one-family-living houses and some buildings of flats with business premises on the ground floor. The result of this is a density of about fifty real estates per hectare, which is considered by the experts as perfect according to the above paragraph.

The land transferred for the road net takes nearly thirty thousand squared metres, making two squares and fourteen new streets which make 3.6 linear kilometres of public roads. The different urban supplies (water, electricity, telephone, natural gas, etc.) will be located in the underground, taking the negative visual impact of the cables and pipes out from the facades and the open spaces. The rain water will be also conducted through the underground, avoiding the water to be running on the roads.

The land transferred for gardens, playgrounds for children and sport areas takes, in total, 18,585 squared metres. Specifically for gardens, the transfers are a 35.4% bigger than those established in the Planning Regulations of the Land Law as a consequence of the interests of the Compensatory Board, responsible for the development, to make the green areas one of the most important distinctive factors of this new development, El Arsenal. There will be lines of trees in every street, the same trees in each street but different from the other streets. They will be, mainly, deciduous trees and will be chosen depending on the characteristics of each street: acacias, maples, white mulberry trees, elms, palm trees, plane trees, etc. Some bushes will be also planted in some specific places. All the plants considered here can adapt perfectly to the weather conditions in the area, according to the advices given by the experts in the Agriculture Department of the Town Council in Jumilla.

In consequence, the quality of the development, the quality of the facilities built and the quality of the houses will be the factors that, we hope, might attract the citizens, who are the ultimate targets of all the efforts and means use to carry out this first developing process in the Jumilla of the XXI century.     


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