Our aims

Our basic aim is contributing to improve the comfort, the quality of life and the personal and family development of those who put their trust in us, through our houses. The main satisfaction and responsibility for all our staff is achieving this.

That’s why we pay great attention to the relationship with our clients:

Looking at the demand of real estates in Jumilla, in order to design our houses and give them a quality statement which meets the prospects, necessities and preferences of our future users.

Making a real effort to offer you the best marketing quality and trying to let them be the main reason for your decision to buy

Giving effective advices for you to choose the house which meets your necessities best

Making the purchase steps easier

Giving you a guarantee for the money paid on account.

Giving you continuous information about the most important advances in the real estate you have bought, during the construction period.

Checking your real estates carefully before the key handover

Paying attention quickly to the possibilities arising from your moving into the house

We consider that our clients are our best partners and the ultimate targets of our work. We take on their prospects, priorities and factors of satisfaction as a main reference.

Everybody in our staff, either in the commercial, administrative or production department, has in mind their main task: satisfying our client.

That is why we encourage:

A sense of teamwork

A responsible and professional job

Suitable information and knowledge, correctly and truthfully used

A continuous and increasing contribution to the added value in our task

We look for rendering the best service to our clients


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Guide to buying a HOUSE
The Arsenal has prepared this guide targeted at informing consumers who are interested in real estate purchases about their rights an obligations.


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